Network Services

We are a full service network provider

What We Offer

  • Server setup and configuration
  • Domain or work group configuration
  • Printer configuration
  • Security
  • Workstation setup and configuration
  • Routers/Switches/Access Points/Point to Point Configuration
  • Wired and Wireless install and configuration
  • Software Installation and configuration with Vendors
  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloudcare with Monitoring and remote service, featuring AVAST Technology
  • Hybrid/Onsite/Cloud Backup, featuring ACRONIS Technology and LGK Storage Servers
  • Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware Protection featuring AVAST
  • And more just ASK

Full Service IT Department

Why have consultants, when you can have a full service IT department?
Network consultation is only a small part of what we at LGK Computers can offer you.

We have the capability to evaluate your network, maintain an existing network, recommend and implement upgrades when your systems are not fulfilling your needs. We can provide any hardware or software products you require.

We value being “your technology peace of mind”.
Not only do we have service technicians ready to help you on site, we have in house service technicians available to answer questions and work on larger projects or more complex issues to save you time and money.
Our Technicians have been serving Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for over 40 years combined! Timely, Knowledgeable, Affordable Service is our goal!

Network Service Rates

Service Rates with Agreement.
(Contract levels differ based on plan)

1. With Service Agreement:

a. Guaranteed emergency response time.*
b. Hourly rate for emergencies are $150/1st hour, then $125/hour after the first hour.  Billing is 1 hour minimum. Billed in ½ hour increments.
c. Hourly rate for scheduled service will be $75/ Hr
d. Minimum billing charge is ½ hour for scheduled service.
e. Billing is done in ¼ hour segments
f. Free phone consultation for (3) incidents per month. – These are for quick fix issues and advice. They may turn into billable items at our discretion, you will be notified before any billing would commence.
g. 6 Bi-monthly check-up visits are included.

1. To ensure proper network maintenance.
2. To help in foreseeing possible issues.
3. These visits are spot checks to find hidden issues.

2. Without a Service Agreement:

a. All services are billable (including phone support).
b. No Bi-monthly free check-ups
c. Phone support is billed in ½ HR segments with no minimum.
d. All other support is billed in ½ HR segments with 1 HR minimum. (Excluding Emergency support)
e. Emergency response time is NOT guaranteed.
f. Hourly rate for Emergency response is $200/hour for the 1st hour, then $200/hour – billed in 1hour segments
g. Hourly rate for scheduled service will be $105 HR.

In house service is $30 for the first half hour and diagnostics. Our bench rate is $40/HR.

Network Agreement Advantages

  • 6 Free Visits a year of 1hr a piece- $600 savings over 6hrs of non contracted labor.
  • Guaranteed Emergency Response Time*
  • Free phone consultation for up to 3 incidents per month
  • Discounted hourly service rate $75/hr as compared to $105/hr non-contracted
  • Discounted emergency service rate -Contract hourly rate for emergencies is $150/1st hour, then $125/hour after the first hour.  Billing is 1 hour minimum. Billed in ½ hour increments. (Compared to $200 Hr 1hr minimum billed in 1 hr segments).
  • Service minimum of ½ hr as apposed to a 1hr minimum.
  • Billing in ¼ hr segments, non-contracted is billed in ½ hr segments.
  • On Contract with CloudCare service we can do remote service! Better response time and fix many issues. Billing is in ¼ hr segments for Remote Service. NON-Contract CloudCare remote service is 1hr Minimum, billed in 1/2 hr segments
  • You will have 24 hour emergency response.
  • Contracted clients receive PRIORITY service.
  • We do all that we can to ensure that our contracted clients receive prompt and professional service for any and all for their technology needs.               

*(Guaranteed time within your selected plan )

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