Surveillance Camera Systems

Cloud and Local Storage Solutions


Ubiquity Advantage

We have partnered with Ubiquiti to bring quality solutions to your security needs. From cameras to access points, NVRs to switches. We have the experience to design and implement a system to meet your needs. We partner with companies that build quality products and well protected equipment.

  • Internal firewall protection in each device
  • Surge protection against electrical spikes
  • Warranty protection if your system has a failure
  • Smart technology that integrates the equipment in a smooth seamless way
  • Access from multiple devices such as desktop, laptop, and mobile
  • Diverse array of cameras to fit different environments
  • Smart detection zones
  • Wide array of settings to fine tune each cameras functionality
  • Give us a call, email, or to discuss what your needs and concerns
  • Local and in camera storage

Yoursix Advantage

Our partners at YourSix provide scalable, easy-to-integrate IP-based products and innovations for security and video surveillance.

  • Wide array of products to cover any area from robust outdoor to discreet cameras for sensitive environments
  • Integrated solutions tailored to you specific needs in a wide variety of industries
  • Do everything with less bandwidth consumption
  • Video management software allows for availability anytime, from anywhere
  • Our solutions are easily adapted to your business, and seamlessly expand with your needs
  • Multiple locations, multiple Yoursix accounts? No problem! Access all from the same pane
  • Innovation is never done and neither are we
  • Give us a call, email, or to discuss what your needs and concerns
  • Proactive health monitoring
  • Innovative cybersecurity protocols

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